My love.

Tears fall down,

His grip on the body tight,

He didn’t want to let her go,

He just wanted everything to be alright,

His lips touched the cold body,

Where was her warmth?

He thought,

Where has it gone?

He gripped the body tighter,

His face soon morphing,

From sadness into a crazed grin,

He finally let insanity in,

A chuckle,

And then a laugh,

Why he thought,

Why am I sad?

She wasn’t dead,


She’s right here!

So no need for the tears!

She’s here in my arms,

Where she’s meant to be,

My love’s not dead,

She’s just asleep.

~a sleepy ghost~


Author: Viv

Just a suffering Victorian era ghost stuck in the past but loves modern music, sushi, and singing despite being really boring.

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