Love is in the air.

The girl hid her face,

In her pillow,

She screamed,

Wishing her heart would stop it’s fast pace,

She was infatuated,

With a boy,

Who told her he loved her,

And god, did it feel her up with such joy,

She knew him since she was young,

She always had a crush,

But kept it to herself,

Though it didn’t stop that blush,

That would always appeared,

Whenever he would call her dear,

And now she was sure her face was red as his,

When he confessed his love to her, overcoming his fear,

She was speechless,

And didn’t know what say,

Cat had got her tongue,

And thankfully the boy didn’t take her silence the wrong way,

I’ll tell him tomorrow,

She declared,

Now hugging her pillow tightly,

Love was certainly in the air.

~a sleepy ghost~


Author: Viv

Just a suffering Victorian era ghost stuck in the past but loves modern music, sushi, and singing despite being really boring.

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