The Perfect Man.


He said he was,

A smirk gracing his lips,

Eyes filled with lust,

He said his sex would feel,

Like ecstasy,

And that he tasted sweet,

Like candy,

A smooth operator,

He knew all the tips and tricks,

The art of lying,

Was something he was grateful to be blessed with it,

A sheep in wolves clothing,

A modern case of Jekyll and Hyde,

He was Lucifer the Shinning One by day,

And The Devil himself by night,

Filled with secrets,

He’ll be your perfect man,

While keeping you in the dark,

Of things the he done with his own two hands,

So be careful dear,

He’s a ruthless one,

But he’ll tell you that he’s perfect,

And make you believe that he’s the one,

Then toss you aside,

Once his use of you is done,

Until someone else catches his eye,

Continuing his sinful fun.

~a sleepy ghost~


Author: Viv

Just a suffering Victorian era ghost stuck in the past but loves modern music, sushi, and singing despite being really boring.

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