An Empty Kmart.

Fall into the rabbit hole,

And enter into a world,

That was at once,


Filled with madness,

And rabbits,

And queens,

And unforeseen tragedies,

The sky is a cotton candy blue,

The grass is a neon green,

Does this world actually exist,

Or am I just dreaming,

Heads roll off to those who disobey,

Be careful with the tea,

I heard it takes your sanity,


This place is quite strange,

But the residents can be nice,

Except that mice who almost stabbed me,

She tried to take my eye,

The white rabbit tells me that,

Something is after me,

And that I must get out of this Wonderland,

Or I’ll be trapped here for all eternity,

Someday though,

I’ll visit this place again,

And maybe live in this world,

Where being mad isn’t a sin.

~a sleepy ghost~


Author: Viv

Just a suffering Victorian era ghost stuck in the past but loves modern music, sushi, and singing despite being really boring.

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