I’m so tired.

I’m ready to die my love

My time is up my love

No need to cry my love

I’ll be watching you from above

No need to lie

I can tell you’re sad

From your reality

No need to hide away

They’ll just find your hiding spot

And drag you down you see

Come on now

Let’s get real

The world doesn’t want me

My death won’t be a big deal

So why not let go

Of the rope called life

It’s better than clinging on

And fighting with all my might

Fighting for a life

That was always meant to fail

What’s the whole point

Life isn’t some fairy tale

Don’t cry

You’ll be alright

You’ll be happy and in love

Your life will be all so bright

I’m so tried

I need to go

But please understand

It’s not your fault

~a sleepy ghost~


Author: Viv

Just a suffering Victorian era ghost stuck in the past but loves modern music, sushi, and singing despite being really boring.

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