Don’t talk to strangers.

Don’t talk to strangers

They’ll cut your tongue out

And wear your skin

As a suit

And wear you eyes as jewelry

Your brain will be a delicious soup

Or they can be vampires

Who words will hypnotize yourself

They’ll eat you up

Until you’re an empty shall of your former self

Or someone brand new

Strangers are bad

They’re werewolves

Searching for something to eat

They don’t care if they ruined the nights mood

You are a piece of meat

They see you as nothing but food

So don’t be a fool

Don’t talk to them

Especially when a full moon

Is high in the sky

Watch your back darling

They run the night

If you don’t to be

With the creatures of the Umbra

Don’t talk to strangers

Who nights are not for slumber

~a sleepy ghost~


I’ll hang myself in shame

In pain

Who needs love

It’s all so fake

Not real

Why can’t I be tough

Oh paranoia

You’re such a bitch

Just sitting in my house

Not paying any rent

Making me hear the unknown

Grotesque imagines usually roam

My daily thoughts and day dreams

They come to me sleep

Lulling me in a false sense of security

I know I’m not from here

From this planet

I’m probably from Saturn

Or one of its moons

Swooning over the solar system helps me get through

It help makes sense of the shadows

That at one time

Filled me with a sense of doom

~a sleepy ghost~


Everybody wants to be the best

They want to be fresh to the death

Even if they’re depressed

I hate my body

I hate food

It’s my worst enemy

Second to school

Don’t you want to be happy

To be seen as enough

Bury your feelings

It’s worthless junk

All you need is luck

To get you through

Or maybe some GOD

I don’t know

But those feelings won’t do

I want to be happy

At my best

Well dressed

With a lover by my side

I’m here to impress

I just want to be happy

Even if it means

Pretending to be peachy

When my mind is begging your

To kill me

~a sleepy ghost~


What do you mean

Everything is fine

Trapped in a blazing forest fire

My life

Flashing before my eyes

I wouldn’t have guess

That this would be how I’d die

Don’t stare at me

Don’t stare at my naked body

A downward spiral

Everything is going to fast

Stop this car

I fear it’ll crash

Why don’t you want to know me

Why do you want to know my body

Am I not funny

Am I not sweet

Is that why you’re not trying

To sweep me off my feet

Leave me alone

You’re ruining my sleep

I don’t want medicine

That’s not what I need

I just need someone who feels

Genuine about me

It’s what I crave for

It’s why my heart bleeds

~a sleepy ghost~

I’m a cute corpse.

I’m a corpse

But as cute as a button

Who’s kinda short

I’m ramble a lot about


Just whatever is on my mind

I never knew how bad I was

Using blankets to try to stop my breathing

Hanging would’ve been the cause

If I only knew how to tie a knot

I guess the Girls Scouts

Didn’t teach me a lot

My childhood

Is black

A void of things


Things that I can’t bring back

But the bits I remember

The good outweighs the bad

Though it doesn’t stop the bad

From trapping me in my past

I hate that I can’t forget

All I can do is escape reality

But I love the color pink

And being by the sea

I love LOVE

And want someone sweet

To love me

~a sleepy ghost~

I don’t like it here.

I fell from the stars,

My home was originally mars… I think,

But they sent me to this planet,

To teach me a lesson I won’t be forgetting,

I don’t know what I’m suppose to be taught,

I just wanna go home,

Earth is filled with dread,

And it makes my body feel like lead,

I don’t get it,

Why don’t they care,

They say that they do,

But would seal their lips if a stranger died right there,

In their field of vision,

They’ll just pretend they couldn’t see,

I hate this place,

Everyone just gets off on being mean,

Or ignorant,

Or both,

No one really loves you here,

And wouldn’t care if your got lost,

I want to go home,

Back to the stars,

Where I was loved,

And held close to love ones hearts.

~a sleepy ghost~

House of Cards.

Don’t be blinded by their joy

It’s fake

Not real

You’re nothing but a toy

For them to use

As much as they please

They’ll even force yourself

To get on your knees

To praise their lies

And kiss their feet

While family die

With nothing to eat

They’ll tell you to work hard

And just believe

You’ll achieve the American Dream

But old man Ron has been working here

For almost 2 decades

And he’s just as poor as when he first started

The bastard wakes up on the wrong side bed everyday

Why should we drop dead

For you to get rich

Do the work yourself

With the pay that we get

And then you’ll see why we bitch

But talking to you rich cats

Is like talking to a brick wall

Your end will come

When your House of Cards


~a sleepy ghost~

It seems nice out.

No clouds in the sky

The angels seem busy

Living their life

The sun stands proudly in the blue sky

And from the inside

You become deceived

Believing it’s warm outside

But dear

It’s quite chilly

The birds glide


Or perched on a balcony railing

Preparing themselves to search for food patiently

They have to be patient

In this concrete landscape

Some of them have the battle with the fishermen

Who fish on the pier, trying to escape

From their boring lives

That makes them pray for Thanatos

To hurry up and take their life

Or for his sisters to take them on a violent ride

I might go to the park today

Since it seems nice

Maybe I’ll see something interesting

Something that’ll change my life

~a sleepy ghost~

Down by the River.

Down by the river in the muddy waters,

They found her love,

Dead with pieces of flesh missing,

Scratches marked his body up,

What could have happened to him,

She didn’t have a clue,

As she told the police,

She was at home in bad mood,

Though this didn’t mean she did anything,

They only ever fought over silly things,

But she got a strange message,

And a terrifying miss call,

The love of her life,

Screaming, while a deep, gruff voice growled

“Come now, why don’t we have a talk.”

The police was stooped,

They didn’t understand,

Was it something supernatural,

Did something nonhuman kill this man,

The case went cold,

And the man was cremated,

The woman was heart broken,

Her mind disintegrating,

Whispers plagued the small town,

Blaming the wife for a death that even she didn’t understand,

While blissfully unaware of the monster in the woods who was lurking,

Ready to pounce once again.

~a sleepy ghost~


Terry couldn’t hold his stomach anymore and began puking his guts out in the dimly lit alley. He wondered about what he was getting himself into as he continued throwing up his lunch. Once he was done, he wiped his mouth, glancing around his surroundings. Paranoia taunted him, making him believe that the cops would show up around the corner at any second. He made sure to drive as far away from that damn house so he couldn’t understand why his mind was messing with him.

Well, he handled his first job pretty messily… Though they did tell him as long as those bastards were dead, he could be as messy as he wanted.

Breathing hitching as his brown eyes met tired blue ones, Terry nervously bit his lip as the homeless man stared at him, visibly afraid.

‘Shit. I’m screwed.’ he thought, looking down at his bloody clothes. Chill ran down his spine and he glanced at his gun, contemplating whether or not to kill the poor man.

The blue eyed man laughed nervously, his arms rising up, his hands taking on the role as shields.

“H-hey! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody!”

But Terry wasn’t too sure that the bum would do as he said.

‘He’ll tell his friends.’ a voice told him. ‘Then, they’ll tell their friends and then theirs until it gets to cops and you’re caught.’

“You’re right.”

The homeless man eyebrows furrowed.

“Who’s right?”

‘You need to kill him. Grab the gun and kill him. Now.’ And convinced by the voice, Terry pulled his fox mask down, and grabbed the home made silencer that laid by his feet.

Without a word, he shot the man, the bullet hitting his shoulder. The man groaned, his eyes widen in shock. He begged to the silent young man, not to kill him. That he promised he wouldn’t tell a soul about what transpired but his pleas fell death to the masked man’s ears.

‘Aim for the head this time.’ the voice suggested and he did as it said, rising the gun in one hand and aiming for the man’s head. He pulled the trigger and the homeless man’s eyes soon rolled back as his body lean back, falling on the concrete ground with a dull thud.

“Shit.” Terry cursed. He was slightly annoyed with himself for not thinking more clearly. Why did he have to be so impulsive?

“How am I gonna get rid of the body?”