I was born in the heavens but…

I was born in the heavens

How do I know

I just do

And I fell down here just to say

That I’m in love with you

I want to be with

To hold your hand

To kiss your forehead

Walking on the sand

At the beach during sunrise

I may be an angel

But you are the light of my life

It was worth it

Falling here

Because I get to be with you

And wipe away your tears

I dreamt of this day for so long

Butterflies flutter in my stomach

Whenever I hold you in my arms

I love you

And only you

And I hope

You love me too

~a sleepy ghost~


You left me.

From the heavens

I fell

But not to hell

I landed here on earth

I fell

I loved you

But I guess that love wasn’t enough

I miss the clouds

Was I graced with bad luck

Is it my fault

For wanting to see another world

To learn of their ways

Trapped in a home

Where all the days are the same

You wouldn’t let me leave in peace

Only in misery

Would I finally get to live a life

You’ve hurt me

And left me to rot

All alone

Making think it’s all my fault

When it’s not

It’s you who did this

You made me this way

I just want to go back

I’m done living this way

~a sleepy ghost~


I am a six-winged angel

Singing holy holy holy to thee

I am a six-winged angel

And I fell to earth you see

I’m missing my home

Of clouds and stars

The heaves were relaxed

And warm

I wish to go back

I’m sorry for what I’ve done

Just give me back my wings

I’m sorry for what I’ve done

Give me a second chance

I take it all back

Take my shame and turn back to glory

I wanna go back

~a sleepy ghost~

I wanna go home.

You say you want more

Well what can I do

You’re doing nothing yourself

But I guess that’s just you being you

You complain and complain

And say you’re being nice

That’s it’s the new you

And old you would be vice

But how can you not see

That your words hurt me

It’s all about you isn’t it

I guess it’s just time for me to flee

But where to

I got nowhere to go

I look up at the sky

The clouds making me wish I could just go back home

But I’m stuck here

With you

I’m not the burden you think I am

I’ll never be perfect for you

Or anyone else for that matter

~a sleepy ghost~

The Past.

Rose gold is what I bleed

I am sunflower blooming under the blue sky

I am royalty

Nothing can stop me

No matter how dependent you forced me to be

I will raise and fly like a butterfly

Enjoying my peaceful time alive

Getting over the whys

And what ifs

I can’t change the past

I can only change the present

And I’m changing it to my benefit

No more living in the past

No more hurting over it

Because I won’t last in this world

If I can’t get over it

~a sleepy ghost~

Wild Hair Woman.

Incense fills the air

Egyptian musk is everywhere

I can’t stop thinking about you

And all the things you do

Wild hair woman

You dance under the moon

For the love of the gods and goddesses

I hope my love finds you soon

A witch of the night

Who stands upright

She’s not a harlot

Misunderstood yet

Her light shines so bright

She’s free

Chanting ancient one’s names

And singing songs of the damned

She simply doesn’t care

She doesn’t give a damn

Wild hair woman

I hope to see you soon

And maybe even dance with you

But I know this won’t happen

As you are free

~a sleepy ghost~


I’m sorry

You called out to me

I ignored you

You called out to me

And I didn’t listen to you

I wish I would’ve answered sooner

Maybe I wouldn’t be here

I wonder where I’d be at now

If I answered your calls

You were always near

What should I do now since I heard you

Where should I go since I answered

I don’t know if these tears are of sadness

Or joy

I hope it’s joy

~a sleepy ghost~

Who Am I?

Leave me alone

I wanna be left alone

To die in peace

I’m not trying to be mean

The sweet scent of rose perfume

Fills the air

I throw in my hands in the sky

Whispering a little prayer

I wanna be left alone

Don’t you see

Is that me talking

Or is it my misery

The ocean is talking to me

Telling me I can always come to her

And tell her my secrets

For I am one with her

But I want to be left alone

Or do I

Is it really me talking

Who am I

~a sleepy ghost~

College and the future.

The future is a scary thing when your young and still not sure of what to do. It can be daunting when you think of the future while you’re still in high school, wondering what college you should go to and what major you should take. I’m out of high school but I’m at the College age of supposedly knowing what I should do. The thing is though, I do know what I want to do, for College anyway.

I plan on double majoring in Creative Writing and French after that, I don’t know.

Maybe I take a job as a Digital Copywriter or a Journalist or maybe even a Librarian.

I don’t know what I should do after I go to school and that’s what scares me.

Am I just going to be lost, not able to pay back the possible debt I may get in. I know I can get a job with a degree but will it be a job I’m qualified for or just some bullshit job that makes me regret ever going to College? I haven’t even started College yet and I’m already stressing out about what happens after I graduate.

I still have time to think of what job I want. Being a Digital Copywriter doesn’t sound too bad to me so I may get into that.

If you’re wondering, the reason why I plan to double major in Creative Writing and French is because 1) I wish to become a better writer and I believe that being a Creative Writing Major will help with that and 2) I wish to learn another language and since I’m self-teaching myself French, I might as well go to school for it. Who knows, I may end up working in France or something.

The future is scary and but I know that in the end, I’ll be okay. As long as I take my time, no matter how impatient a person I am, I know I’ll make it.


I dream a dream

To leave this place

To not be in debt

Or being too scared to show my face

My wings were clipped

So I have to walk

I’m a bit impatient

And I’m all talk

I want to leave

Easy and free

Doing what I love

And not fighting just to breathe

The future is scary

And I don’t know what to do

Should I become a writer

Or should I work selling shoes

Which is easier

Which should I do

I wanna speak French

But will that take me far

The future is weird

But I need to get the ball rolling

To get to where I want to

Before my youth is stolen

~a sleepy ghost~